Freemite200 – 5 Liter 200 times concentrate – 1000 liters of Organic Termite treatment.

Rp 3,450,000 Rp 2,290,000


  • a professional termite treatment
  • an organic and non-toxic pesticide
  • a safe and easy to use pest control and insecticide
  • Freemite200+ protects houses, garden, wood, bamboo and organic materials
    with long term efficiency.

Ingredients :
certified organic pure neem seed oil, oleoresin capsicum, 12 insecticides plant extracts, a nano-extender and some secrets. Main active components : azadirachtin and other triterpenoids.

Dilution 200X : shake and simply add 1000 liters of water (non chlorine) with 5 liter of Freemite200 to obtain 1005 liter ready to use termite exterminator.

Stable if store in a cool place even if the container has been open.

Wash and dilution : Water. Accept all kind of finishing.
For domestic and professional use.

Safety : Non toxic but contain Chili so keep out of reach of eyes and children. If on eyes, skin or clothes rinse with plenty of water.

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An organic and non toxic termite treatment and organic pesticide.

FreeMite200+ is a new formula issued from plant based nanotechnologies that break the molecules of 15 actives ingredients to offer :

– More power of penetration
and short treatment
– More concentrate & efficient formula
– More stable & easy to use and handle


Efficiency :

– Termite killer : destroys or damages the digestive tract of different kind of Termites, powder post bettles, woodworm and insects.
– Termite protection : natural pesticide and barrier that protects foundations of constructions, wood and bamboos with years of efficiency
– Termite extermination : stops and inhibits the growth of the termites at the Larvae phase
– Termite repellent : the bitter-alkaline taste makes the starch of soil and materials unpalatable
– Termite barrier : block the advance pests and cut the way back to the queen
– Organic pesticide : any residue can be used in your garden as a natural antibiotic.

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