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Neem oil technical documentation


  • Shake well before use. Read carefully the label on the container before use.
  • Neem Oil is a ready-to-use solution or a base for a dilution.
  • Dilute with water, using an emulsifier or mix with oil, soap, cream, essential oils…


  • Minimum 2 years if kept under cool storage conditions
  • Storage temperature (Min /Max.): 13°C / 35° C.
  • Avoid sunlight, light, fire, water or using materials such as acids, Alkali, bleach or oxidizing agents.
  • Neem Oil is found to be stable in some organic solvents for at least 2 years if above conditions are respected.


  • Ask medical advice for health and medical use.
  • Ask veterinary advice for use on pets.
  • Usually non-hazardous to humans except pregnant women.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • No special protection needed except glasses.
  • Avoid inhaling and ingesting without medical advice.
  • JAvoid contact with eyes.
  • If in eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
  • If swallowed, drink water and get medical advice.


  • Can be toxic to honey bees if they are exposed to direct spraying. Other pollinators, aquatic organisms and fish can be affected too.

    • Spray during evening hours when bees are back home.
    • Avoid spraying on flowers if not necessary.
    • Avoid direct spraying on ponds, streams or rivers.
  • Residues could be use to protect foundations of any construction.
  • After use clean equipment thoroughly with water.
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