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Welcome as a partner

Pesthama’s Authorized Bottler Partner is a franchise as a curated product distribution system.

Pesthama licensee its franchisee to prepare, bottle and distribute the powerful Organic Pesticide Pesthama in exclusivity on your territory avoiding cost, license and tax import issues.

The authorized Bottler franchisee is considered as a partner in the sense of a close and fair relationship helping both parties to thrive even their businesses is independent to each other. “Partner” has a serious value meaning to us. We invite you to share the same to create a fruitful, professional & fair relationship.

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Pesthama’s Vision And Mission

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Technical Benefits

PT Lestari Semesta Bali (PTLSB) created ONC, a cutting-edge bio-engineered preparation delivered ready-to-mix to cold-pressed Neem seed oil to produce easily the nanoemulsion Pesthama with 200X concentration capacities.

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Marketing Benefits

Enjoy the aura of the brand Pesthama and 13 years field of experience.

Pesthama’s fields of experience since 2009 fuel your success at no cost: creation, production, distribution & marketing of Pesthama.

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Authorized Bottle Partner

PT LESTARI SEMESTA BALI (hereafter named as PTLSB) offers a stable and robust bottling and distribution system for Pesthama Organic pesticide. This helps to capture market growth on partner territory.

The export distribution model of Pesthama follows a franchising model.

PTLSB produces and constantly improve since 2011 an ORGANIC NANO CONCENTRATE (ONC), the formula which is an industrial secret of PTLSB. PTLSB sells ONC to partners throughout the world, who hold Pesthama franchises for one or more geographical areas. The partner mixes ONC with Neem oil to get the final concentrated organic pesticide branded PESTHAMA then puts the mixture into bottles, which the partner then will sell and distribute to Industries and retail stores.

The partner, who hold exclusive territory contract with PTLSB, produce Pesthama finished product in bottles from ONC, in combination with Neem oil (supplied as locally as possible by the partner) by strictly following PTLSB instructions.That is a simple production and distribution process with a very low production cost for the partner.

This is possible thanks to ONC, the cutting edge organic ready-To-Use Base with nano properties that were especially created and designed by PTLSB to produce Pesthama.

Partners have to agree to the terms and conditions specified in the agreements. There can be small variations in the terms and conditions for each partner.  These agreements authorise the partner to prepare, package, distribute the PESTHAMA organic pesticide in identified territories.

Because of the local market conditions, price and terms of sale of Pesthama are positively discussed between the partner and PTLSB until an agreement is reached.

The unique ingredient to be supplied locally by the partner in the production of Pesthama is pure cold-pressed Neem seed oil with an amount of Azadirachtin content of 1200ppm minimum (called here “Neem oil”).

Pesthama can help the partner to import Neem oil from reliable sources if it is not available locally at a reasonable price.

The containers used for packing are bottles supplied locally by the partner Here again, options are positively discussed between the partner and PTLSB until an agreement is reached..

The partner attaches a label sticker printed which is the design furnished by PT LSB.

Pesthama is then ready to sell on the partner’s territory.

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The Story Of Pesthama 

12 years of R&D at the start-up phase has been completed in 2022. Nevertheless the formula of ONC still evolves from time to time with minor improvements resulting from our constant R&D program.

To create and design a professional organic pesticide you need to ensure that many functions of the product are safe and reliable in terms of efficiency.

This includes: concentration, stability, penetration abilities, dilution efficiency, optimized production process, competitive price, coherent branding and graphic identity, marketing knowledge in distribution network marketing, optimized packaging and logistics flow and safety. All these lasting on time and on different local conditions.

The previous formulas of Pesthama have been directly tested and applied by PT Lestari Semesta Bali in different professional situations – sometimes on a daily basis – in the fields of pest control, termite control, wood and bamboo treatment (pre and post construction), pet care, agricultural use on rice fields, fruit trees, vegetables and mosquito fogging. This capital of experience has helps us to define and enhance the quality level of Pesthama. Monitoring the Insecticide, fungicide, miticide, anti-bacteria/virus capacities was our focus.

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The Conclusion Is An Invitation

The potential of Pesthama as a professional organic pesticide is now accurate for us. We are confident Pesthama can compete with any available similar-in-quality product including the toxic chemicals usually used over the world.

And we strongly believe the facts, method and strategy described above should ensure a growth shared with our partners in the frame of a professional, fair and pleasant relationship.

Please contact us for any precision or question you could need.