Organic and Non-Toxic Termite Treatment.

Concentrate X 200 (1:200) and stable Emulsion

Successfully Tested according to International standards.

The story of an Easy, Safe and affordable Termite Treatment

Freemite has been created and designed by professionals for professionals to get rid of termites, wood worm, powder post beetles and many other parasites.
Now Freemite has hundreds of customers everywhere in Indonesia and has already been exported to Asian countries and Australia.
We are now developing a professional distribution network through a range of channels include hardware stores, pest control applicators and wood / bamboo / rattan industries.

The story

Since 2004 our Company was producing and exporting wood and bamboo Eco-smart products from Indonesia.
We couldn’t find a convenient, non-toxic and efficient treatment to control termites so that we created Freemite based on organic and natural pest control ingredients.
In 2008 we created a laboratory and worked hard with chemists, pharmacists and even a physician of nuclear industry until a professional satisfying result.

We had the advantage to test on a daily basis Freemite on our own furniture productions and bamboo construction.
This gave us the experience that allowed us to improve the formula year after year until the V5 Formula Freemite200+.

Efficient natural insecticide and pest control

Freemite200+ is a concentrated mix of organic, powerful natural insecticides, including Neem Oil.
One of the secrets of Freemite200+ is a plant-based Nano-extender that helps the penetration in soil or material.
As an example, you need only to soak wood and bamboo for a few hours for them to be properly treated.

The active components in Freemite200+ are stable in the long run.
You need to do a regular treatment on parts exposed to a permanent source of humidity or rain.

Easy handling and application

Professionals and individuals appreciate the convenience of using an organic treatment that doesn’t need particular equipment.
Moreover Freemite is a super concentrate formula that is easy to transport and to use.
Just mix with 200 times of water to get a ready to use treatment.
As an example mix half liter of Freemite with 100 Liter of water to get your treatment ready to use.
Freemite is a stable emulsion that you can store 2 years or even more.


Freemite200+ is non-toxic.

However, it is best to keep out of reach of children and pregnant women.

If in eyes or clothes, rinse with plenty of water.


Proven by official tests

The efficiency of Freemite to protect a construction against subterranean termites, wood worms and powder post beetles has been proven by a National Indonesian laboratory based on the Japan industrial Standard especially:
- to protect the foundations of a construction against subterranean termites
- to protect wood, bamboo, rattan and other organic material against powder post beetles, termites and wood worm.
Another official test has been done also that prove Freemite is safe for humans.
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How Freemite gets rid of Termites

Freemite as been carefully designed to act in different ways to optimize the efficiency of the treatment.


against common pests and parasites like powder post beetles, termites and even ants, mosquitos, woodworms.
Freemite is also efficient to repel many little parasites in a garden or a plantation.


Act as a frontier. Termites cannot cross a treated area or they will die.
As a consequence the treated area cuts the way to the queen who live in the soil.
It will disorganize the colony.


Neem oil and Chili contaminate the pests that cross the treated material or area by destroying the digestive and reproduction system of the pests. Little parasites will die directly after contact and the bigger ones will not grow anymore, become impotent and the larvae cannot survive.

How To Use Freemite Treatment of your property Prevention treatment for wood, bamboo or rattan

Freemite is a stable concentrate emulsion
As we use Freemite every day in our industry we shaped the direction for use to be as simple as possible.
just mix with water (non-chlorine) at a rate of 1:200 or add 1L of Freemite to 200L of water to get a ready to use termite treatment.
Then spray, pour or soak material according to the case:
Download the professional direction for use. (PDF Front and back)
Download our recommended process to treat bamboo

Some basic tips:

Treatment of your property

Basically, it is the same process as the usual chemical treatments.
Subterranean termite lives in the soil and they try to find starch or sugar in organic matter to feed the queen that live in the middle of the colony in the soil.
To prevent termite to enter in your building you have to pour Freemite diluted in the soil around the outer and if possible the inner foundations of your building to make a barrier.
If some wood or bamboo is already infected by powder post beetles that is easy to detect as they do galleries inside the material and evacuate dust by little holes.
In that case spraying will help but the radical way is to inject Freemite diluted inside the holes with a needle.

Prevention treatment for wood, bamboo or rattan

for a long term protection the best way is to soak the material one or two days in diluted Freemite.
Time of soaking depends on the section and density of the material.
You can easily use a sheeting or a cement pool for professional use.
Then let the material dry few hours under the sun and store in a dry place with no direct sunlight.

Note that Freemite doesn’t change the color of the material and will accept all kind of finishing.

Garden protection against parasites

Just spray Freemite diluted on the soil around the roots
or directly on the parasites for example on the back of leaves.


Freemite200+ is non-toxic. However, it is best to keep out of reach of children and pregnant women. If in eyes or clothes, rinse with plenty of water.

More information about Freemite200+ termite treatment.
As we are passionate with Freemite200+ feel free to ask us for any professional or personal recommandation  on the best way to use Freemite200+ as per your particular need.