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About us

Welcome To PT Lestari Semesta Bali

PESTHAMA is a product range owned by PT Lestari Semesta Bali,

a Green, Balinese company.

We design, produce and distribute non-toxic, high grade organic Neem seed Oil-based useful products, under the PESTHAMA brand name, for domestic and professional use, since 2009.

THE VISION is to help sustain the environment by promoting plant-based solutions for individuals and industries by offering integrity, transparency and… we hope, a fair customer care.

THE MISSION is to provide Certified, non-toxic, high grade organic Neem Seed oil-based products in the following fields: agriculture, pest control, veterinary and pet care, health, cosmetics, toiletries, well-being, hotel industry, wood and bamboo industry, cleaning and maintenance industries.

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The story began in the year 2008, under the name of C.V. Alam Senang.

We wanted to find a satisfying ecological anti-termite solution to treat bamboo for the construction company Asali Bali, who was our partner at the time.

The goals were to strictly fulfill the following requirements: efficiency, safety, easy application. At the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Although our first trials with Borax / Boric acid were satisfying with regards to the protection of wood, bamboo and house constructions, the heating and lengthy preparation process in high volumes, did not meet our needs. The waste disposal also raised concerns.

We therefore engaged in a passionate and long study with wood and bamboo professionals, chemists, university professors and finally opted for Neem Oil as a key component for our product range.

To provide the highest quality, we researched plant-based nano-technologies.

The introduction of nano-technology components has given us an edge. It has enabled us to increase the efficiency with better and faster penetration, and therefore to reduce the treatment cost.

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Providing support to local communities matters to us. We help raise awareness about environmental protection, sustainable constructions as well as developing organic agriculture in remote areas. We also dedicate a share of our profits to local projects.

We invite you to share our values that help promote respect for the Earth, equity in business relationships and fair professional behavior.

The team at PT Lestari Semesta Bali.